Monday, November 23, 2015

Australia Music Exchange and Cultural Immersion Programme 2015

19 students, 3 teachers and the band instructor embarked on a overseas learning journey to Perth, Australia from 24 to 29 November 2015.

Day 1: King's Park
Our first stop in Perth was an indigenous tour of King's park by Greg.  The students had a wonderful time learning about the indigenous culture and how they make use of the plants and trees for medicine, tools for hunting and starting fire etc

We had a rehearsal in our hotel, Goodearth Hotel in Perth, after dinner.

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Day 2: La Salle College, Local Band 

Music Exchange at La Salle and with City of Perth Band at St Charles Court. The students had an enriching experience rehearsing and performing with the students from La Salle. They were also greatly inspired by the veteran players from the City of Perth Brass Band which rehearse every Wed. The group also stopped over at The House of Honey, The Margaret River Chocolate factory, Mondo Nougat retail shop and Yahava coffee bean. 

Performance at La Salle College 

All about the Bass with La Salle College
Combined performance with La Salle College Band

We went to  Sir Charles Court Band room in Queen's Park and had a combined Performance with City of Perth Brass Band after dinner.  

Combined Performance with City of Perth Brass Band (1)

Combined Performance with City of Perth Brass Band (2)

 Combined Performance with City of Perth Brass Band (3)

Performance at the St Charles Court (1)

Performance at the St Charles Court (2)
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Day 3: His Majesty's Theatre, Caversham wildlife, Lake Monger

The students had the opportunity to view the backstage of His Majesty's Theatre (in honour of King Edward VII) and the props used in Cinderella ballet performance. 

The students had great fun taking photos with the Wombat, feed the Kangaroos, touching the Koalas as well as saw sheep shearing,  milk the cow and took photos with the lamb at the animal farm show at Caversham wildlife park.

Good weather and captivating view of the black swans at Lake Monger.


Day 4: Music Exchange at Carine Senior High

The students get to bake cookies and paint boomerangs at Carine Senior High. The highlight was the combined concert at night. The group has improved tremendously and they put up a great performance with Carine High.

Step by Step

 Little Suite for Band (partial)

Little Suite for Band (3)

Light-hearted March


How to train your dragon

All about the Bass- combined performance

More Day 4 Photos:

Day 5: Strawberry farm, Fremantle market

The students get to pick their own strawberries  - look at the heaps of red big strawberries which the students picked! This was followed by a visit to the popular Fremantle market.

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Day 6: Swan Bell Tower live demo

More Day 6 Photos: